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The End of an Era

Today I write about something not so philosophical or perhaps profound as I have done in the past.  I write about the end of an era, the closing of a chapter in my life and, indeed, the beginning of a new one.  After twelve years I have resigned from my current place of employment.   The past twelve years have been a tremendous journey of opportunity and growth.

So why would I make this change now after such a long period of time, time that has been happy and joyful?  Sometimes in life opportunity comes knocking at your door totally unexpectedly.  Out the blue a potential new chapter in life presents itself.

Let’s take a step back here for a moment and look at some of the history behind this.  I’ve been working with email and email systems since 1994.  Essentially from the birth of email as a communication and collaboration tool in businesses.  I’m passionate about email systems, fascinated by how they work.  This passion of mine led to extensive participation in community forums – answering questions, assisting with resolving issues experienced by folk all over the globe.  I’ve written technical articles, published [amateur] training videos all in my quest to share knowledge.  Some call this my hobby, I call it my passion.

My contributions in this area appear to have been noticed.  Suddenly I get a phone call from a global company asking me to come work for them doing just this, supporting and assisting email administrators globally.  My hobby, my passion, has now turned into a new job!  I will be in a position to continue sharing knowledge whilst remaining a lifelong learner.

I’ve spent some time reading my own previous posts and realise, yet again, just how much they apply to my life – how I have prepared for this day, how I’ve prepared for new opportunities, how I can approach this massive change by starting with that first single step.

So where to from here?  We are relocating to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in a few short weeks.  A new country, a new job, new opportunities to learn and grow.  I am excited and nervous simultaneously.  This is a huge step, a massive change.  But I remind myself of taking that first step and how I plan my journey in small stages.  So here I am walking along an untrodden path and climbing a new mountain one step at a time.


The end of an era

Yours in lifelong learning,



I have prepared my whole life for today

I have prepared my whole life for today.  This is what I say to myself each morning I get out of bed.  Think about it.  Each day, each moment, is a learning and growing opportunity preparing us for today.

Too many of us get up in the morning and don’t give much thought about how we have prepared ourselves for today.  I’m not just talking about having a list of tasks to tick off on completion throughout our day.  I’m talking about being prepared for living today.  Not living in the past, nor living in the future.

As I write this I have lived 16 338 days (How Many Days have I lived Calculator).  That’s a lot of preparation for today.

Today I will learn new lessons and thus be better prepared for tomorrow.  I live in each moment.  I pay attention to how I react, what I do, what I say, how I say it. I draw on all of my preparation and experience to live today to the fullest, then improve on that for tomorrow.

The challenge to me is to find the right lessons in each moment of today.  By being aware of this I prepare myself for each future step I take on this journey of life.

I am fully aware tomorrow is never promised.  Tomorrow might never dawn for me.  But I set my alarm clock each night in hope and faith.  When tomorrow dawns I will have prepared for 16 339 days for the new day ahead.

Too often we are so caught up in planning for our future, dreaming dreams of future success, we lose sight of living today.  Don’t get me wrong, planning for our future, working towards future goals is both necessary and good.  Don’t forget about living in the moment that is today.  Celebrate all that today has to offer.

I have prepared my whole life for today.

Prepared my whole life for today


Yours in lifelong learning,