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How to order a dozen wings at KFC

It is seldom I consume fast food, but occasionally I relent.  A while ago I decided to indulge in some Kentucky Fried Chicken.  With great anticipation I took a drive to a KFC outlet.  Obviously I had chosen the wrong day of the week, time of the month as the queue was snaking out the door.  Patiently I waited my turn and perused the menu.  The wings looked very appetising and thus my choice was made.

Eventually I get to the counter and am warmly greeted and asked what I would like to order.  With great eagerness I requested a dozen wings.  A confused look came over the face of the person serving me.  They informed me that they do not serve a dozen wings.  My thought processes kicked in and I came to the conclusion that perhaps there is a language barrier at play here and the term dozen has been misunderstood.  I restated my request, this time asking for twelve wings.  Again I am informed that twelve wings are not served.  I enquired as to what wings are served as they are clearly displayed on the menu.  Imagine my confusion here.

The person serving me informed me that they serve four wings or eight wings.

Quick as a flash I ordered four wings.  My order was duly rung up and entered into the system.  With a broad smile and great enthusiasm I was then asked if there was anything else I would like to order.  I promptly placed an order for eight wings.  The response I received: “Hayibo” (pronounced \hah-yee-boh\), which is South African for absolute disbelief.

Very confused my second order was questioned and confirmed several times.  It would appear that when going to a KFC you may only order either four or eight wings but not twelve!

After some convincing my order was rung up and entered into the system.  Again my order was confirmed with me.  At least they are thorough with ensuring my order has been captured correctly.

In due course I paid for my four plus eight wings and moved to the area to wait for my purchase.  When my order arrived I had a good chuckle.  There were two separate boxes containing my wings and they were placed into two separate packets before being handed to me.

So now you know how to order a dozen wings at KFC.


KFC Wings


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